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July 18, 2013
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The snow was freezing with glistening ice crystals gleaming in the moonlight. You were out walking or more like shuffling in the woods again, Yet another night you couldn't sleep. Your Auntie who was letting you stay in Alaska with her said never to go out at night, There's always wolves roaming about. But usually you would never see them, Until tonight.

Your home was blown up during the New York incident, And being 17 you couldn't buy another place mainly afford it. You heard about the so called God Loki being behind all of it so you were really pissed at him. You stopped at the sound of a low growl behind you that crept up your back and made your hairs on your neck stand. So you did the stupid thing on turning around. It was there scanning you down with Emerald orbs. It's fur was so Black that if someone stuck a hand in it, they wouldn't see anything. You clenched the blanket you had wrapped around you ever so tightly in sweating fear. Why didn't you listen to Your Aunt?

"G-Good boy, stay down. I-I'm a friend" You stuttered out due to fear and the snow had gotten in your boots.

You had a feeling this Animal was male just by the size and shape, but he slowly began to walk to you. Looking like a predator which he was, He stopped in front of you. He slowly brought his snout to your thigh and sniffed it heavily, He then brushed the side of his head against your thigh as if marking his territory. This was odd though because usually they would be aggressive and would tear you up if you did anything like that. That's when you gasped at the warm wet feeling of something slide up your thigh. You were wearing shorts because you never seemed to get cold outside and you weren't going to be out for long.

You swore you heard him chuckle and saw him smirk. But this Wolf was a Large one bigger than any other you have seen, You could literally ride him somewhere.

"Ok boy I'm gonna go, You stay." You barley whispered but had a whimper of fear when he growled and what he seemed to be glaring at you. You couldn't take him with you! What if he tore your aunt apart what if he killed you! But if you left he would follow anyway.

_______________________TIME SKIPEROO!__________________________________________________________________________

You reached the thick porch of the house when the door swung open to your surprise. A Man around the age of 19 Stood in the passage way with a large grin. His blonde golden locks were tied back and his Sapphire eyes were gleaming upon you.  

"Why hello (Y/N)" He spoke out embracing you into a tight strong hug. Wait the Australian accent, The large muscles? It was Troy! Your Bestfriend from middle school. You moved to new York from Alaska when you got a scholarship from the school to do writing. But what the hell was he doing here?

"Hey bro, Erm.. I know I haven't seen you in years but what cha doing here?" You asked as he let you go with a toothy grin.

"Your Auntie got a call from the real-estate agency, She had to go to the airport to go to The UK. Some Arabian prince wanted to buy a couple of Castles. So we get the rest of the two weeks just me and you!" He chirped.

"When did you get here? And what up with the Australian accent??" You questioned even more.

"I've been in Australia for the past two years. Studying Animals You know what I love." You chuckled nervously with a nervous grin he cocked a brow to you.

"Well, Um. If you like Animals look what followed me home!" You exclaimed as the tall Black wolf nudged under your hand, which was now resting on his head.

"Holy Christ (Y/N) Get away from that thing!" He demanded lunging to you. The Animal growled and dropped him lower half to the ground.

"It's ok he's a bit odd, No foam or crazy like stuff just well. Like a pet?" You said.

"(Y/N) That is a Wild animal and it will end up turning on you." He fatly laid out the truth.

"Well, He won't leave me alone. And he wasn't with a Pack, Can we let him stay please!?" You begged clasping your hands together.

"Alright you're crazy, But I'm keeping my Knife next to me tonight." He said looking at the wolf.

Something was off about both of them, Like they had a past. Troy's Sapphire eyes stabbed into the wolf's while the Wolf's Emerald ones Sizzled into his. Wait until the Aunt finds out about this.

I had a large body pillow last night, and I somewhat got it on top of me and it felt like a large dog laying on me. And I couldn't get it off, so that night I dreamt about a loki who messed up a spell and transformed into a Wolf. That's my story ladies and gents!
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Lena-Beana42 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG OMG THX SOOOO MUCH LOVE IT!!!! *swoons*   Pervy Sweatshirt  can't wait for teh sequels!!!!
blacksheepmeeh Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:DD i have AN LOKI WOLF!!!! :DDDD Spin me right round Spin me right round Spin me right round Spin me right round  so it's a sequel??? (please say yes!) :d :heart: BTW love the story so far :3
MentalCosplayer2 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Student Writer
Yes it's a chapter actually I'm working on number two which will be out soon!
blacksheepmeeh Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
YAY :D lascroll lascroll lascroll lascroll lascroll lascroll lascroll lascroll lascroll lascroll lascroll  i'm singing :XD: because of those news :3
kiralogan123 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Student Artist
This is good :iconclappingplz:
MentalCosplayer2 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Student Writer
Why thank you!
kiralogan123 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Student Artist
You are quite welcome! Care to indulge in my own little LokiXReader? :iconlokiapprovesplz:
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